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Friday, November 8, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

I'm so excited to post another //What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//  I absolutely love all the suggestions.  Reading in so incredibly important and I love knowing so many mamas who truly get that.  Kate is this beautiful mama that I met through instagram and seriously, does Eden not take after her? absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you so much for guest posting, lady! Her blog is Nesting Elm and her ig is @k8schwartz. <3

Hey! I'm Kate. We live in Pittsburgh, PA with a little girl Eden, who just turned TWO, and a baby boy on the way, expected in January. I am so honored to be a part of this series! I "met" Danielle through The Sling Diaries on Instagram. Her beautiful family and blog made me fall in love with her even more! You are such a ray of light girl!

I have always loved reading, 
my husband... not so much. 
I shared with Ryan the importance reading had for me, 
growing up and now. the escape, the adventure that it brings. 
how my "favorite days" were and are...
cold, dreary and rainy with a book and a blanket.
maybe some hot chocolate... definitely hot chocolate!

so when we found out that we were expecting...
we prayed for our littles have a passion for reading.
to be able to get lost in the story. to laugh. cry. imagine.

I also told him how baby can hear his voice...
so reading was obviously a great way for him to bond with our unborn littles!
he started reading to Eden when i was just 15 weeks pregnant.

DUCK AND GOOSE by Tad Hills was his choice to read to her. 
once Eden was born, she KNEW her daddy's voice. 
it was amazing. 
he could start reading the book and she would stop. be completely still.
in complete awe and wonder.

so now, with another little on the way, we decided we needed a little more routine.
enter in... books before bed
oh my heart just bursts with joy. 

we continued along with the Duck and Goose books... Eden loves them!

for counting... ten little ladybugs is ADORABLE!
body parts... all of baby, nose to toes
and all time favorites... ANY karen katz book. the flaps are fun for "hide and seek"

now for this mama... when do i have time to read?!
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth is a must! especially in preparation for this upcoming home-birth. 
other than that... i mostly read blogs! 
i have a need to have a book in my hands... the smell, the feel...
so, i can justify "reading" on my phone if its a blog... right?!

Thank you again for having me!! XOXO!

baby reads::

mama reads::
and of course...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

I am so thrilled to have Angelica from Thunderclouds of Love guest post for the //What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//.  She is a fellow Sling Diarist and has quickly become one of my good friends!  Her life is just lovely and her words are always poetic.  I love her choices for both her and her sweet little lady, Rosalita.  <3

What Rosalita reads: 

We found Rosalita the sweetest book in the tiny children's corner of a sleepy cafe in Selfoss.  It's written in Icelandic, so we look at the pictures and I try to make up a new story each time we read it.   
I read this to her and she screams "Bun!" over and over.  

We also love Pat The Bunny, Runaway Bunny, Angelina Ballerina, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Corduroy.  I appreciate any book that promotes kindness and love to my child.

Here is my "desert island" book stack:

Ada, or Ardor : A Family Chronicle by Nabokov
Lolita by Nabokov
The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Basil & Josephine by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Trout Fishing in America
The Pill vs. The Springhill Mine Disaster
In Watermelon Sugar, and The Abortion, all by Richard Brautigan

Friday, October 11, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

I am so excited to post another What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads.  I absolutely love this resource, especially because I love hearing recommendations from other moms.  I could research and browse, but honestly who has time for that with kids? These easy lists with personal reviews are just perfect.  This weeks picks come from Drea, a beautiful mama or two very handsome little boys.  (yay, for boys!  Are yours as crazy as mine?  They have energy for days! haha)  Her blog, Besos Drea is full of beautiful images and inspiring words- you should follow along!  Her ig is @besosdrea.  Lovely lady, for sure. <3

Hello! I’m Drea and I live in NYC with my loving husband and our two beautiful boys. I 
am so honored to have the opportunity to give you a glimpse of what we read, here on 
Danielle’s blog.

Since before we were expecting, we knew we wanted our children’s memories to 
include having mami or daddy read to them on a daily basis. Admittedly, my husband 
does read to them more often than I do, he just loves being the one putting them to bed 
with a bedtime story. But I never deny my boys a request for a story...or three.

It is very important to us that we gift our boys with the ability to speak in Spanish, and 
one way we keep it alive is through their literature. I always seek to find a beloved 
American story in bilingual form. By far, the boys’ favorite book is Are You My Mother? 
by P.D. Eastman, but the Spanish version: Eres Tu Mi Mama? They also love the 
“Llama Llama” books and “The Octonauts” series, which we read to them in English.

The last book I read for myself, was about a year ago when I found The Women of 
Brewster Place. I remembered loving it in high school and it did not disappoint. Other 
than that, I really only read children’s books, so I often try to get the boys to let me pick 
my favorites. Forever Young, a book form of Bob Dylan’s classic song set to Paul 
Rogers’ illustrations is my absolute favorite. We also love Disney in this home and read 
them all the Disney stories as well as the Three Little Pigs and You Are My I Love You in 
both English and Spanish.

I already see how important it is for my boys to have us read to them and truly hope that 
love for books stays in them, till they’re reading bedtime stories to their children.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

//What Mama Read, What Baby Reads//

Eileen of Breast Milk on the Rocks is sharing her reads on the blog today!  It's been a while since I've posted a //What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads// and I'm so excited to be back with this wonderful post.  Check out her picks and then head on over to her blog- she shares some great stuff on breastfeeding, cosleeping, cloth diapering and babywearing!  You know, all the good stuff. ;)  But seriously, she is a beautiful mama and I'm so happy to have her! <3

I am delighted to be guest blogging on Miss Verse’s wonderful blog, especially on the topic of one my my absolute favorite things: Books!

Reading is tremendously important in our home. My husband and I make sure to read to our, soon to be 1 year old, daughter everyday. We started when she was in the womb and her collection of books has grown since to over 70. We want her to grow up with a love for books and reading. We don’t want it to be something that she feels forced to do when she gets older, as many children do in school.

As she’s become more active, and is now mastering her walking skills, it is a little harder to get her to sit still while we read. Because of this, we try to pick out books that we know she’ll enjoy - interactive stories with songs and clapping and books that encourage her to touch different textures. When we’re not reading she can usually be found over at her bookshelf pulling down book after book and looking through the pages.

One of her personal favorites is Baby Touch and Feel Meow! Meow! It has her favorite things all in one: Cats, fur, and a variety of other textures. She loves to help turn the pages and kiss the cats on every page.

For interactive fun, singing and clapping, we read the Skippyjon Jones series. The poorly done mexican accent I put on keeps her attention and she loves to clap along when we get to the singing part every story includes. “My name is Skippito Friskito. (clap-clap). I fear not a single bandito. (clap-clap) My manners are mellow, I'm sweet like the Jell-o, I get the job done, yes indeed-o. (clap-clap)”
The Spider and the Fly - This isn’t your standard children’s book, especially not for a 1 year old, but I LOVE it! And she is attracted to the beautiful illustrations. It reminds me of stories my dad would tell me as a child. "'Will you walk into my parlor,' said the Spider to the Fly..." Dark and witty. I can’t wait until she grows older and can appreciate this story much more. It’s fun, even though the poor fly does fall for the spiders tricks.

The story I read to her while she was growing inside of me was You Are My I Love You. I don’t read this to her as often now as I wish, but when I do it brings back memories of her kicking and rolling around in my belly. The words are incredibly sweet and I think it will bring a tear to any parents eye.

A few others we love are:
Humprhey’s Bedtime (and Playtime) - the pages are very thick so she cannot rip them and the illustrations and witing give the feel of a child playing with crayons.
There are many more and I can go on forever, I really could, but I won’t.

It’s become quite hard now finding the time to read myself. When she was much younger I would read my books aloud to her while I nursed her and it was happy medium. Now if I dare read while nursing her she tries to take the book away. So, I read when she sleeps in on the weekends or at night if I can keep my own eyes open.

One Day by David Nicholls - I finished this over the weekend (finally) and it left me in tears, literally. I am not one to cry, although after having a child it is a bit easier for me. The ending was incredibly sad but equally beautiful. I rooted for them the entire time and as sappy and cliche as this sound, I grew to love them almost immediately.

Dex and Em. Em and Dex.

The story takes place over a period of 20 years. It reflects on ONE date each year, July 15th. The day the two characters met. Through 20 years you see them through different relationships, locations, career paths… but the one thing that remains constant for both characters is their feelings for one another. No matter how far apart or how long it had been since they last spoke.

There are times that I couldn't help but laugh out loud, but there were times I just wanted to give up. Not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because of my wanting them to end up together. It seemed as though it was never going to happen. They were destined to be friends and only friends. But then, it happened…. the stars aligned and they devoted themselves to one another. But even when they took the plunge to be together life ended up tearing them away from each other in a single tragic moment.

The author did an incredible job making you fall for them. He ended it perfectly as well, bringing the story full circle. You couldn’t help but love Dexter from the beginning and fall for his charm. Emma was you; she had your insecurities, your wit, your inner passion to do something with your life.

I may end up reading this book again. No. I will read this again. For now, I am starting on another story - The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler. The title and cover caught my eye. I do hope it doesn’t disappoint. It’s about a Bristish woman who travels to NYC to complete her studies in Art and falls pregnant and works in a used bookstore. It goes through her struggles as a first time, single mom and her life at The Owl.

I would like to express my thanks for being allowed to guest post and share some of our favorite books. As I stated before, reading is important in our home and I do feel that it is partially due to the fact that as a child I had difficulty reading. In short, I took special classes and Hooked on Phonics was used to help me. I was 6/7 years old and from then on I was a reading machine and you couldn’t stop me. I would actually get in trouble for reading in class rather than doing my math work. I do hope to pass this love for books on to our daughter. It’ll take her to wonderful places without having to leave her seat and the greatest stories will stay with her forever. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

This series had a little hiatus, but I am happy to be back with one of my favorite bloggers, Brooke from The Vintage Souls.  Her family is absolutely beautiful.  I mean, she has two girls and I have two boys.  They are around the same age (i think Luna and Elliot are only a day apart!) It could be a perfect match, just sayin'. 

Greetings from the other side of the good ol' U.S. of  A! I'm Brooke and happy to be here today for Danielle to participate in this great little series she's put together on reading. I'm a New York based mom of two girls: Luna is 2 and Dakota is just 6 months new. I was never much of a reader growing up (more of a boob tube kid to be honest) and I'm actually not sad to admit that I lack any memory of my parents reading to me as a child. I DO however have fond flashbacks of watching TV with my brother in mini lawn-chair loungers devouring our dinner salads with blue cheese dressing all over our faces. So as I grew up, reading was only something I did out of necessity. It wasn't something I used to escape or daydream. If I needed to know something, I looked it up in a book. I discovered the library not as a kid needing to be shushed and explained the rules, but as a young adult eager to dive in with respect for the knowledge those volumes held. To this day, I don't like to read fiction but have an affinity for poetry and textbooks. I also enjoy working in the kitchen, and therefore love a good cookbook too.

When I started getting into vintage goods I was drawn antique books. I've since hoarded a cool collection of antique art books and even some really great vintage kids books that I look forward to one day sharing with my girls. But for now? Well gosh, they're just babies so baby books it is! I try to read to them each day whether we make it through several books or just a measly page. 

Dakota was recently gifted this four book set by my dear Aunt Janet. It's a well done baby set with great colors and images to stimulate. Two weeks ago following Dakota's well visit to our pediatrician, we stopped into a local bookstore before brunch. I treated Luna to a free pass to pick out whatever she wanted for being such a good listener all morning. Let's be honest...I was more persuaded to throw money at the situation knowing full well I was about to walk into a quiet cafe to try and enjoy a meal with my two babies, alone, and I needed something to keep Luna busy. She picked out a miniature set called The Nutshell Library by Maurice Sendak. It has four little hard covered books - perfect for little hands. 

For myself I sadly struggle to find time to read with two babies in tow these days. I read a few good books on nutrition while pregnant with Dakota and also a book on the JonBenet Ramsey case. It was my first crime/legal read and I found it really interesting. In the last few years I've slowly been following the nutritional guidelines of the Weston A. Price foundation so when I do find time lately I've been nose deep in two reference books by Sally Fallon. The first is Nourishing Traditions and the second is The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care, obviously a companion to the first. Neither of them are books I'm reading from start to finish but more so thumbing through and jumping around to what I need to know in the moment. 

Thanks again to Danielle for having me today. I'm very thankful to have met her through The Sling Diaries and by proxy lucky to have a glimpse into her life with her husband and two boys through reading her blog here. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

I am so thrilled to have Jill of Goodnight Mush on the blog today.  She is sharing her favorite books and her daughters, Lucy and Mila's favorite reads. (seriously, how adorable are they?!)  Jill is a fellow Sling Diarist and I always look forward to her blog posts and incredible entries.  So, make sure you check out her blog and follow along with The Sling Diaries.  (She just posted her latest entry yesterday!) <3

Hi I'm Jill and I'm so honored to get to share a little about our favorite books for Danielle's readers. I love her blog so much and am so glad the Sling Diaries have introduced us to each other. 

3 years ago I was lucky enough to get a massive lot of vintage books for just $5. All children's. and all from pre-1965. The illustrations were all so charming and sweet. And the stories varied from funny to somewhat shocking. But all controversies aside, these delightful books are our favorites. Mila's personal favorite is one called Somebody Hides. Its set up much like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, where each page is a clue to what animal is lurking behind the next page. Mila particularly likes this aspect because I often then make the sound the animal makes. She's at the age where quacking is hilarious and mommy acting like a chicken is straight thrilling.
These day I find myself reading Vanity Fair if I have a moment to myself. Or People Magazine (who am I kidding, I read US weekly okay?!) But if we were playing desert island and I had just one book to bring with me it would be She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. My mom lent it to me when I was 11 or 12, and as a chubby pre-teen I immediately took it as a personal insult. The main character is a girl fueled by junk food and consumed by mid century television programs. But now I know that my mom is a sap like me. And she loves a book that makes her cry. As do I. She has also gotten me to read White Oleander, My Sister's Keeper and Little Alters Everywhere. All she read and shared with me before they were turned into lame movies. The stories themselves are all beautifully sad and leave you perfectly bummed out.

Check out your local used bookstore and thrift store (garage sales too!) for vintage children's books!  There is something so fascinating about the illustrations and dated story lines. :)  I love vintage children's books as well!  Also, you can find her other selections here:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

  • I am so thrilled to start a new series on my blog called "What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads."  I will be asking some of my favorite blogger Mamas to tell us what they read (read, who has time for that?!) and what they read their baby/babies. <3 But seriously, I feel like I never have time to read anymore, so if I do- I'd like to read something that comes recommended, right?  And who doesn't love a well-written children's book?

    For the first post, I'd like to introduce Christine Fadel of the c-word.  She is Mama to the beautiful Marlo and I absolutely love the glimpses into her life in the city.  (I call NYC "the city" because I grew up in NJ.  That's what we call it there.) Also, can I add that I'm excited to become "real life" friends when we meet up in a couple weeks?  I will be in NJ for my brother's wedding and we are going to attempt a get together in the city.  <3

    So, enjoy her recommendations! Thank you, Christine, for sharing! 

    For Mama: 
    1. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I started reading this book while pregnant and had to put it down, unfinished. Reading it while I'm already terrified of not being a good parent was emotionally draining. I recently picked it back up and could NOT put it down. It's so raw and eye-opening, in positive and not so positive ways.
    2. I'm currently reading Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. Oh, man. This book is damn funny. And, more importantly, so spot on. What I appreciate the most is that he finds humor is the hard parts of parenting. It's the perfect dose of reality (parenting is hard! and so confusing!) and humor.
    3. A great mama friend of mine recommended Girls on the Edge by Leonard Sax. I am dying to start it. Raising a girl to become a strong woman in the world of distorted media portrayals and ridiculous images of sexuality among women is one of the tasks that I find so intimidating as a mom.

    For Marlo:
    1. I love reading her the This Is City Series by Miroslav Sasek. Particularly the This is New York, naturally.
    2. Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman. This was my favorite childhood book and I can only hope that it means something to Marlo one day, too. When I was three, I recited the entire book to my mother, with perfectly timed page turns and everything. I even used the same voices that my mom used. I could still probably recite the entire book.
    3. Baby Signs by Joy Allen. Marlo and I go through all of the signs together and she lights up when she knows she is doing the correct sign for whatever word I'm saying. And man, her knowing a few signs has mades my life so much easier!


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