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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

// F O R B A B Y //

Baby is nearly here.  Weeks are left, but weeks are not as a watched kettle, but rather the pot you put on the stove only to smell it burning a moment later.  (It was more than a moment, but life is busy and it seemed as if it was only a second.)  

I am nervous.  Expectant.  Unsure.  Ready.
I am so many things.  But isn't that the way these last weeks always go.  There is so much unknown, but also the love and anticipation we've known from the moment we read that "positive."

I thought I'd share a few special things we've collected in preparation for baby.  Also, this is a "call for help" as I'd love to know everyone's favorite baby brands.  We are looking for ethically-made, small business companies, as we want to switch to a more earth-friendly wardrobe/any other products.  

Also, Moses baskets!  Who makes the best one?!  We need one desperately!  (We cannot fit a crib in our room, currently.  not even a co-sleeper.)

 diaper bag by Nena & Co 
shoes by Freshly Picked
bandit & onesie by Petite Soul

Skin to skin shirt, nursing scarf and cloud swaddle by Nuroo Baby

 Closer look at those tiny shoes! <3

 Shirt by Mabo

Belly oil by Mutter
Will be using this perineum after birth spray by Moonrise Creek
Also, Gentle Baby by Young Living Essential Oils

 Wrap by kanthabae
Sling by Sakura Bloom
Striped Wrap by Ali Dover

Owl shoes by Zimmerman Shoes
Middle shoes by Padraig Cottage
Moccasins by Minnetonka Moccasin

Booties by Zimmerman Shoes

Onesies by DOTT Child
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