Thursday, July 9, 2015

// Light + Love //

Last night we decided to play with the light; revel in the light.  We let it wash over us with it's hazy touch and it illuminated the very hairs on our head.  We saw light as it was leaving, yet the sun sets only to rise and every new day is light again.  

As a photographers, my husband and I understand all the different kinds of light.  We've learned how to be friends with each stage of the day.  We've found our eyes in the mid day sun, unafraid to embrace the fierce strength of the afternoon.  I cannot help but compare this to the light that has been recently shown to us.  We have found ourselves in the most difficult of situations, but we are not in darkness.  There is light coming at us from every angle and it feels as if we are living an endless day.  

Some have shared our posts, while some have given money.  Others have hosted an auction for us (thank you Michelle ! <3) It's all so beautiful and when I see the light I'm reminded of every one of you.  Thank you for seeing our vulnerability and not judging it.  

You see, I have barely scratched the surface when I've mentioned our struggles.  I've shared, but I value positivity and protecting my family.  Plus life has been heartbreakingly difficult, but it's also been overwhelmingly sweet.  I can chose to focus on the sweet, while being unafraid to share the more bitter parts as well.  I don't mean to sound defensive here, because I'm not.  But I would love to help create an environment where our positivity doesn't hide our struggles.  So many of you have revealed your own struggles when reading ours and all I could think is "we need to be helping each other!"  Right?  

(If you haven't seen, we started a GoFundMe to help raise funds for a new car.  We are without one and are in desperate need of a reliable one.  You can find the link here )

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