Thursday, June 4, 2015

// Where We Wander: Ferns //

I used to post a "Where We Wander" weekly and it's so lovely to be able to bring our little adventures back to the blog.  We made it a priority to get out during winter, but that usually involved our backyard.  There wasn't a lot of wandering.  It was a bit chilly this morning, but we still decided to go for a short walk.  This hike is one that we did frequently last summer.  It's near our house and unbelievably beautiful.  At the start of the path there are hundreds of ferns and I've been dying to photograph them.  Asher found a nice, flat rock and sat on it saying, "Oh, mommy! it's so comfy!"  Jimmy and I smiled at his idea of comfort.  I mean, it's a rock! hehe.  He also told Elliot, "Maybe the ground is wet because it's been raining a lot."  He's at the age where he's not just repeating sayings, but forming these wonderful ideas and explanations for things.  It's absolutely awe-inspiring.  I'm absolutely in love with these two little wild ones.  


My dress is from the Fabrik Store and can be found here <3
The boys are wearing a few items from EGG by Susan Lazar

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  1. Beautiful! We were so ready for spring too so we could resume our daily walks!

  2. Beautiful! Where do you live in the world? I don't even know which continent!

    Love Om Baby Alice x

    1. I live in New Jersey! It's beautiful here, with tons of hikes and lakes. We just moved back here (NJ is where my husband and I grew up) from CA. We were in CA for four years and although it's beautiful here too, we definitely miss CA! Anyways, that's the long answer. ;) Where do you live?

  3. I've never seen ferns in such abundance before. So green and beautiful!



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