Saturday, June 6, 2015

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I made fresh bread this morning and I think that's what started out the day right.  Fresh bread, fresh day: it's all the same.  We took a long hike soon after and then dropped Jimmy off at work.  The boys cried a lot, saying "no, daddy go! no!"  Which broke me heart and even more so when Asher kept saying "just one hug.  just one kiss."  Those "just one's" can turn into quite a few and it's his genius way of stalling because of course, we love all the affection!  He's smart, that one.

I painted the boy's face so they could be kittys and they "meowed" all over the place.  Then, I decided dinner should be served on a blanket in our backyard.  The boys were thrilled and quickly plopped their butts down.  Literally, they plopped- they jumped up in the air and landed.  As they were eating, we realized we were sitting by a chipmunk's hole and he kept peering out of the tall grass, looking around cautiously and then running for dear life as they boys yelled "look, mommy!  chipmunk!"  Poor guy!  I'm sure he got home after the boys moved on to their next activity.  Asher asked, "Hold him?"  I had to explain, yet again, that they don't like to be held.

Random activities brought us to sun down and night, night time.
I'd like to make bread again, I think.

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  1. I love your prose and your voice. It's such easy, delightful reading :)



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