Saturday, April 18, 2015

// * Such Great Heights * //

We had the pleasure of meeting Jo, Ryan, Grace and Daisy this past week.  They are originally from Australia (we decided we adore all Australians.  They have been some of the nicest, most genuine and creative people we've met!)  and they own an enchanting children's company: Such Great Heights  Whenever we meet people in person that we've only "met" through Instagram I get a tiny bit nervous. Not because I'm worried about whether they are nice or not (they always are), but because I am bringing two wild and energetic toddlers into their home, usually.  Or worse, they are entering our whirlwind environment and I tend to wonder how many tantrums I'll have to sort through with red cheeks and pushed back tears.  Having two toddlers is just hard.  But I should stop worrying because I've met so many kind, understanding and graceful people; like this beautiful family.  Right away, we felt at ease and we were able to have a beautiful visit.  One that I hope happens again soon!  Daisy and Grace, their daughters are as lovely as their parents and my boys cannot wait to play again.   Daisy, the youngest, wanted me to wear her "very very special necklace" and I could not have been more honored!  <3

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