Tuesday, January 27, 2015

// Snow Day Origami //

 First, before I write anything I'd like to acknowledge that I'm actually writing again!  This is a huge accomplishment and it took a snow day and one of my children napping to make it happen.  Okay, now that I've addressed that I'd like to share a craft I found that helped us get through the snow "blizzard."  I was searching pinterest for crafts in preparation for the storm (my kids can hardly stand being inside for most of the day, but two days?! I needed to prepare!)  Well, as I was looking I found a tutorial for an origami fox!  I thought, "that's it!"  I mean it looked simple enough!

And now I'm hooked.  I made a family of foxes and two bunnies.  Elliot played with them for hours and it was so fun to see how his imagination was awakened by a piece of paper.  I snapped a few photos and included the instructions.  If you make these with your kids, I'd love to see how your children incorporate them into their play!  It's so exiting to see how we are all connected by imagination.  <3  

I think I'll keep a blog again. ;)

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