Sunday, November 2, 2014

// h e y , i t ' s b e e n a w h i l e //

I haven't written here in suite some time and I feel sad to think about my poor neglected blog.  In the past three years I've put so much time and heart into it.  It's grown with me, as I've discovered more of myself.  I sincerely hope I am able to give it more time!  Everyone, please say something if I neglect it this long again!

We've been enjoying the warm palette of autumn, drinking in the oranges, reds and yellows.  A green leaf is rare and we've stored those visions in our minds and look forward to dusting them off again in spring.  Elliot and Asher really do not know any season but spring.  Santa Cruz was consistently mild and we loved it.  Sometimes, when Jimmy heads to work the boys sneak past me and run out the door to say good bye one last time, one of their favorite things to do.  Now, the chilly air greets them and they have not quite made friends with it yet.  Asher runs back inside and says "mama, cold! oh, cold!  need hat!"  Elliot, to be quite honest, cries a little and says "oh cold a'side."  I adore my California sunshine boys.  I know it will be a transition, but I'm determined not to be a winter-complainer.  I will meet their questions with adventures.  Exploring what each season can bring us.  

(Asher was near cationic for the first ten minutes outdoors.  I was laughing so hard; his poor body seemed to be in shock at the chilly air!)

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  1. Enjoy your new seasonal experiences. A few years back we moved to a cooler climate from a consistently warmer environment and we have loved every minute of it. I think it's so nourishing for children to have a true sense of seasons - and ourselves as well. I've noticed such positive benefits from surrendering to the seasonal flow here. Winter with it's great coldness offers such a beautiful, snuggly, indoor, by the fire, cup of tea in hand, restorative, hibernating, reflective opportunity. Spring brings a wonderful 'jump up and live again' energy. What is happening in the natural world around us seems to be reflected so beautifully within ourselves when we surrender to it. Summer is so expansive, such an out breath time of the year after such a reflective, inward period of time. And then Autumn brings that slowing down, taking stock literally and figuratively as we harvest, preserve and prepare for the darker season to come. Enjoy your Autumn and be nourished by the stillness of your Winter. Spring will have a whole new meaning to you next time around! :) All Blessings x



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