Wednesday, September 3, 2014

// a n o r a n g e c a t a n d o t h e r h a p p e n i n g s //

Orange was my favorite color.  I was in preschool and my friends asked me if I had a most loved color.  I remember thinking "I do like the color pink, but it's so boring to pick the same color as every other girl.  I do love orange too."  I answered "orange" and it quickly became less about standing out and more about true love.  I truly loved the color orange and I also loved cats.  Naturally, I wanted an orange cat and no one could convince me otherwise.  Until I finally got the okay from my parents and there was not a single orange cat in the litter I could choose as my own.  So, I picked a cat with a million colors, but it did have the color of my dreams on it's hind leg.  Yet, the universe has finally answered my dreams so many years later:  a beautiful and sweet orange cat has been coming around and the boys and I are in love.  I can hardly believe our luck!  I know I don't know much about the cat, but I can't keep the boys away from her.  What should we do?  The cat has never hissed once at me or our boys.  However, Elliot and Ash have been wonderfully sweet to the cat; never pulling tails or handling it too roughly.  I'm proud at their sweetness.

It's been so sweet lately.  I love our new home.  <3

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  1. The joy you guys are experiencing in your new home is palpable. I'm so happy you're loving NJ (coming from someone who has spent half of her life in Southern NJ). And those picture of the boys and that kitty are so sweet.



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