Thursday, September 18, 2014

// Meeting Michelle, Zak and Odin //

In the past few years I've met many "online friends."  Those I'm come to know through images and words.  I've heard many assume those friendships are not real, especially before meeting in person.  So many have warned me to "be careful."  "You don't know them" they would say.  I do understand their advice, yet I have found it to be different.  I've met so many friends through instagram and I've found there is way more goodness in this world than things to fear.  I've found people are kind and generous; thoughtful and helpful.  I could live my life in fear of those things or I can simply trust, until my instincts and sensibility tell me otherwise.  

I am so grateful I don't live in fear, because otherwise I would not have met all the wonderful people I have met throughout these short years of blogging.  When I was chosen for The Sling Diaries vIII, I was instantly drawn to Michelle's spirit, creativity and obvious kind heart.  I'm so happy to have finally "met" her, because all of the goodness that radiates through her instagram feed also radiates through her in person.  Her fiancé Zak (this just happened after she left our house and we couldn't be happier for them) is genuine, fun and a great dad.  Elliot really took to him and Zak was great about it because Elliot can get very attached.  Odin is sweet and magical; he brightens the room and my boys just loved him.  Asher has been saying "ohhhh-din, ma-shell and Akk  (z sound not quite mastered yet) a lot and I know they cannot wait to see them all again!  Here are some photos from our walk on the first night they were here.  I have more from the following morning, but think I will split up the posts.  <3  

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