Monday, September 29, 2014

// f a l l i s h e r e //

As September is nearly finished and October is around the bend, I'm reminded of change.  The change of seasons, the change of location for our family and the coming cold.  Although we prefer a more mild climate, I am careful not to complain or say I dislike anything that the earth can offer us.  Every season has it's difficulty and every season has it's ease.  Jimmy has taught me the beauty of joy + awe.  We keep this attitude towards all things with our boys.  Fall is easy to love, but it's easy to regret the passing of summer.  Yet, we've discovered a new way of living: connected to the seasons and the offerings out our front door.  Life, in all it's stages is incredibly beautiful and has so much to teach us.  

We picked apples yesterday and it such a lovely time!  The boys were absolutely darling:  they usually are unable to sit still or stay in one area, but they were close explorers and it made for a easier time for us.  They sat under the trees and Elliot would crouch down low and then jump up with all his strength!  He would barely miss the apples and then fall to the ground giggling.  I love these days and the sweet moments of joy.  <3 

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  1. This is so great!!! What beautiful photos. Especially that first one!



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