Friday, September 12, 2014

// a d v e n t u r e s i n b r e a s t f e e d i n g - k a r y s s a ' s s t o r y //

I love sharing everyone's story, even the ones I have not gotten a chance to connect too much with yet.  However, it's always great to receive the stories from the women I've gotten to "know" through instagram; the ones I've followed along with through photos and words.  Karyssa truly seems like such a sweet and loving Mama and I'm sharing her story today!  <3

As soon as I became pregnant I knew I would give my baby my milk. I wasn't sure in which form. My mom didn't nurse me or my siblings and my family who did nurse was never open about it. This is just the beginning of our parenting differences. So after thinking it over I decided I would exclusively pump. As I said none of my family really talked about or expressed love for breast feeding, boobs to me were sexual. Well fast forward to 35ish weeks and everything changed. I saw a mama nursing her sweet little babe and suddenly I longed for that bond. She sat just gazing at her newborn and giving him all her body had to give. After seeing that and coming to the realization that boobs are for babies that is their purpose I was set, that would be how I nourished my sweet Willow.

Our journey didn't start off as easy as I had dreamed. Willow was born with meconium in her lungs so once she was born they had to whisk her off to get it suctioned out. Luckily that didn't take more than twenty minutes and then she was placed on my chest  and she latched beautifully! The biggest obstacle was that she was also very jaundice so it was incredibly hard to wake her for feedings. She just wouldn't wake to latch on to me. The first night at three am just five hours after she was born the nurse told me I HAD to give her a ounce of formula because she NEEDED to eat so I obliged. I have never felt more defeated in my life or ashamed at a mother. Actually this is my first time admitting that I have given her formula. So when I woke the next morning I was determined to do whatever it took to establish my dream breast feeding relationship. So since she would eat from a bottle I asked the nurse to bring me bottles to pump my milk into...but she refused. She had good intentions, she was worried that Willow would suffer from nipple confusion. That didn't make sense though because just hours earlier she had given my dear Willow formula from a bottle so what was he difference? So I sent my husband to go buy bottles for me to pump into. It worked perfectly! Willow was drinking my milk while tanning in her tiny little baby tanning bed. I felt so full of happiness. After leaving the hospital I was able to get her to latch onto me with the help of a nipple shield and a lactation consultant. After two weeks we were exclusively breast feeding straight from the source!

Now we are nearly fifteen months in with no end in sight. This journey has been one of my favorites this far. I am so smitten with the way she plays with my lips, how she just stares at me and the fact that my body is nourishing and providing for her. I am so happy to have pushed through our struggles and been able to made it to this point where it is just second nature. I cherish the moments she's on my breast as I know that someday soon it will be over. These memories will warm my heart forever.

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  1. What a beautiful story! :) So glad it worked out and she overcame her initial thoughts about boobs being only sexual. :)



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