Tuesday, August 26, 2014

// a s h e r ' s b i r t h d a y //

Asher turned two on Friday.  My little baby is two!  I feel as if the last three years have been such a blur, yet in the midst of the dizzying whirlwind of life decisions I see his sweet face.  I see his face as he was placed in my arms, as he latched for the first time.  I see his face when he had his first taste of "food" and as he began to walk.  I see his tiny mouth forming words and now, I see his hand as it grasps for mine.  "Mama, hand.  help.  Come."  Nothing is ever fully lost, and although Asher is growing up, there is still now.   The now that won't be here tomorrow and hadn't arrived yet yesterday.  I'm basking in it as if it were rays of sunshine.  <3

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  1. Love the photos and your words. So, so sweet. He is getting so big!



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