Friday, August 15, 2014

// a d v e n t u r e s i n b r e a s t f e e d i n g - c a s e y ' s s t o r y //

Casey is sharing her story today.  Casey is a family friend, of sorts.  I haven't met her (YET!)  but she is daughter of my mother in law's good friend.  I was so excited to hear that she wanted to share her story.  I think her experience is so important to share because although breastfeeding is magical it can also be HARD!  It really is a lot of work, sometimes.  Usually it is, but there are those who experience no difficulties.  Thank you for sharing, Casey!  I look forward to meeting you and your lovely family some day soon! <3

Ever since I found I got pregnant, I didn't even question formula or breast. I knew I would be a badass breast-feeder, hands down. So fast forward to the day I deliver and it's time to have my main squeeze latch on to me. Well, that was an epic fail to say the least. I had about 10 different hands on my nipples and breasts.. all of them trying desperately to shove my nipple into his mouth to get that sweet tasting colostrum into him! I got about 5,000 different opinions as to why he wasn't latching.. "he has a shallow suck", "he's lazy", "boys take longer to learn than girls", "your nipples aren't long enough", "you aren't holding him right"... I became frustrated needless to say. After a day and 1/2 in the hospital, they sent my husband and me on our merry way with barely any information on nursing (which I find absurd..), and literally said "GOOD LUCK". 
The next week was absolutely brutal. I was trying EVERYTHING to have my guy latch, and I even saw a lactation consultant who happens to be Declan's nurse practitioner affiliated with my midwives. He was eating, but not efficiently. The following week, Declan was diagnosed with thrush.. and at this point I almost said, "screw this I'm doing formula". I couldn't take it anymore. What happened to nursing being such a beautiful thing? All of these women posting beautiful pictures of their babies nursing so lovely on social media sites... why wasn't that us? How could I snap a good shot if my son is popping on and off my breast and SCREAMING his head off while milk is squirting him all over his face?? I didn't understand. 
The following weeks didn't get easier either. His thrush cleared and came back and he passed it to me.. (or so we thought) and I was put on an antifungal immediately, along with Declan staying on his medicine as well. But something didn't seem right to me.. this was not normal. So I started asking around different breastfeeding groups on facebook and almost immediately found some answers.. (those women are LEGIT) Lip-tie. They recommended me to oral surgeon and off I went to get a consultation. The next week we were scheduled for surgery. I googled my little heart out about lip ties and the recovery and found that almost everyone wrote that instantly their child's latches were fixed from this procedure. I was SO excited for him to get it done! 
Well, again, that wasn't us. His latch did get a little better, but it still felt like my nipples were on fire... Okay, maybe not fire, maybe like a 2nd degree burn now. Recovery for my son was INSANE.. crazy swelling, screaming for hours, still popping on and off my breast, spitting milk everywhere, both of us crying. WHAT THE HELL.

So here we are today, 3 days post surgery and it's getting better.. we're pushing through, just like we did from day 1 together. I realize that my story isn't beautiful like some women's are where their child latches and white doves fly into the room and harps start playing lovely music.. but my story is still special. I pushed through for my son. I didn't give up EVER because he didn't either. Eventually we'll figure this whole thing out. Eventually it will become easy.. I have to remember this. The fact that I can still provide my son with enough breast milk to become the porker that he is, is satisfying enough for me. I love nursing my boy, even if it's not picture perfect. 

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  1. Awww my heart hurts for you! Keep it up little mama, you are doing the best you can for your little guy. I know it seems so hard right now, but the sweet reward will come if you persevere and you will set yourselves up for a fantastic breastfeeding relationship. These will all seem like foggy memories in only a few short months (which I know feels like an eternity right now). It's so SO worth it though. Sending you strong boobie and great latch vibes!



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