Friday, July 18, 2014

// w h e r e w e w a n d e r - l a m b e r t v i l l e //

I am in love with Lambertville.  It's a darling town with a bridge that leads over to New Hope, PA.  We usually start out on the Jersey side, where we park and then walk over the bridge to the other side.  I got engaged in New Hope, on a tiny bench overlooking the river.  It's so special to bring my kids here, even if they are too young to fully enjoy it's charm.  But they enjoy it the way they know how: they point out flowers and throw rocks into the canal. They run and jump; drawing out a few "be careful"'s from us.  This is a "where we wander" but we really just needed to grab some coffee from our favorite roaster.  We couldn't wait and drove over.  However, we couldn't resist a quick stroll.  There are lots of sling photos in this post.  I feel as if baby wearing will soon be put away until the next little babe.  I feel sentimental about it, so I've been wearing Ash as often as I can.  So has Jimmy, as the pictures show.  <3

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