Monday, June 16, 2014

// c r o s s c o u n t r y - w i s c o n s i n //

Next family:  Hannah, Christopher and Silas!  I "met" Hannah through the Sling Diaries.  She was apart of the one after me, and I instantly loved her entries.  I had discovered her blog before she was announced as a Sling Diarist and I connected with her love of literature and her incredible poetry.  I love seeing mama writers and she is definitely a talented one!  

Months later, I was thrilled to see that she won my 2000 follower giveaway. I had hoped that someone I knew, who had actually been apart of my journey as a blogger, would win.  We connected a little more after this and she so graciously offered her house as a place to stay on our way back to New Jersey.  She didn't have to, but she did and for that, the Aceino's are so grateful!  It helped and was a welcomed break from the tedious.  They had dinner for us, the boys played and we even took a walk.  I loved watching Asher get down on his hands and knees and pretend to crawl like Silas.  The giggles were a reminder of why we believe it is so important to stay connected.  While Instagram is such a wonderful help for stay at home mothers (it keeps us connected and helps us continue to feel creative) it's important to build relationships past the internet, if possible.  We become resources for each other.  Hopefully, Jimmy and I can return the favor one day.  For the ones who have helped us on this coast to coast to journey and others who we have come to know.  

Silas was just as sweet as he seems over Instagram.  He is so obviously happy, fully content with the life his parents are giving him.  He let me hold him and quite honestly, I didn't want to put him down! He's snuggly and smiley; full of that contagious baby joy.  Thank you, Hannah!  Staying with you guys was so much fun!  <3

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  1. hey Danielle! You are true inspiration and I truly hope you find a house, a home where you can be happy. you truly deserve it! keep that energy levels high. you have a great blog and a lovely family. stay strong!

  2. These are so, so gorgeous. We are so happy we got to meet you! I know Elliot and Ash will be so thankful to look back on these adventures some day. I only knew you and your husband in person for a few hours, but it's very apparent how wonderful you both are as parents and how sweet your two boys are. Wishing you all the best!



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