Tuesday, June 24, 2014

// c r o s s c o u n t r y - c h i c a g o p t 2 //

This is the last of our Cross Country posts.  Kate and her girls were the last family we were able to meet and I'm so happy our little meet up worked out!  We met for coffee on a rainy, rainy day in Chicago. She ventured out with her two girls and again, I am blown away by it.  I am so grateful for all these lovely mamas who went above and beyond to see us.  We only had a short amount of time to spend together, but it was more than enough to realize that I adore Kate and her girls.  

Also, nothing warms my heart more than when I see my boys make connections, completely on their own.  We did not even ask Elliot and Sofie to hold hands.   This was their own decision and it makes it even sweeter.  They giggles and played the whole time we were there and those sounds will never be easy to forget.  I love this part of toddlerhood; watching them form friendships.  Seeing their creativity flow, with no prompting from the adults.  You realize what they are capable of and it's full of good things.  

Kate is a sweetheart and I instantly connected with her, as this first photo clearly shows.  I love this one because I feel as if we look like old friends, when in reality, we had just "met" for the first time.  (our instagram friendship has been a little while now.)  I didn't tell her this, but I have known of her blog for a while.  Before the sling diaries and it was a huge inspiration to me.  Kate, you and your girls are the loveliest and I am full of gratitude that you took the time to meet us in the rain.  Seeing Elliot have such a fun time was a highlight of our trip.  He has not had a ton of friends his own age, so those moments were extra special.  Also, encouraging.  When they haven't had the option frequently, you wonder if their social skills are behind or not.  I've felt guilt over it, but seeing him have so much fun with Sofie and all of the other little loves we've been able to meet has lessened that worry.  <3  

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