Monday, May 12, 2014

// m o t h e r ' s d a y : 2014 //

Every day I receive a notification from an app called "time hop."  If you do not have this app already, then please avoid it.  Whereas before I only became sentimental on certain occasions, I am now daily drowning in a sea of what can only be called "pregnancy hormones."  I'm not pregnant, obviously, but looking at pictures of your child on that exact day up to three years ago is extremely unfair to a mother.  But I can't stop now.  I must embrace it.

Three years ago, today, I brought my firstborn son home from the hospital.  He was born on the 7th, so why wait until the 12th to go home?  Well,  Elliot had an awful infection at birth and had to receive five days of antibiotics before we were able to whisk him away home.  I spent my first mother's day crying over unknown infections and attempting to be strong for my little love.  This mother's day, three years later, I watched as he excitedly ran through the redwoods exclaiming "ma ma! ma ma!"  He found bugs and made magic wands out of branches.  He gave kisses and heart attacks, as he came too close to the edge of the hill.  He is so healthy and for that, I am grateful.  

Three years later, and I am still as excited as I was when I first discovered I was pregnant.  Sure, I was scared but let's be honest:  Jimmy and I were both those kids that thought of being parents when we were like, 5 years old.  We were so excited to grow up to be "moms and dads."  Now, we have two boys and life is chaotic and magical.  I've developed a little twitch and i've been known to meltdown a time or two, but I also cannot wait to have more.  I've never experienced more highs and lows (all within five minutes of each other) but I embrace it and somehow, the highs also outweigh the lows, even if the lows come too frequently.  

My mother's day was magical, though.  A little tiring to start (Jimmy had to open, so he was gone till about 130) but the rest of the day was pure awe, as we spent it on a 3 mile hike through the redwoods.  We scaled cliffs (literally)  and had an incredible view of the pacific ocean.  My boys did not throw a single fit on our walk, so for that I am full of gratitude.  Our earth has the ability to bring peace and calm, even to two testy toddlers!  I have become a firm believer that the simple act of stepping outside with the intent to explore is the best cure for any toddler's tantrums.  <3

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