Monday, May 26, 2014

// m e m o r i a l d a y w e e k e n d //

Again, we had a lovely weekend with our dear friends.  Matt, Britta and Peachy are kindred spirits and we cannot wait to see them again this weekend!  We will be camping in Yosemite (first time for us!) to celebrate Peachy's first birthday!  From there, we will be heading east.  It's time to leave the west coast, and we have mixed feelings about it.  I'm so excited because, honestly, I feel so completely exhausted that I could cry just thinking about it.  It's been lonely for us.  But then, we found this lovely family and they go and make it a whole lot harder to leave! :(

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  1. I love all of these photos! Your children have the most beautiful eyes. It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Why does it always seem you make the best friends just before leaving?



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