Monday, May 5, 2014

// e a r l y b i r t h d a y c e l e b r a t i o n //

Elliot turns three on Wednesday.  Since we do not have family around, I'm forgoing the party route and instead, we decided to celebrate with our dear friends.  I cannot say how much joy I feel when we are around this lovely family.  Matt, Britta and Peachy are as wonderful as you can imagine and then some.  They are generous, kind and love our kids so well.  (despite their wild and crazy ways. hehe)  Elliot has said "I love you" before, but it's usually said with the hand motions and broken up.  Yet, yesterday he looked right at them and was like "i love you, bye!"  It was pretty clear and actually made me tear up.  He wants to be around them and show them every single thing he finds interesting. It's sweet, although I'm sure they are exhausted after! haha. <3  Peachy's birthday is coming up next and we cannot wait to celebrate her absolutely beautiful life camping in Yosemite. 
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