Thursday, May 8, 2014

// e l l i o t t u r n s T H R E E ! //

I still remember the day.  

"You know you're pregnant right?"

We were only just back from our honeymoon.  A three week road trip from NJ to CA and then back again.  On our trip, we met and fell in love with a small beach town called Santa Cruz.  We planned to move there.  A few of our friends had gotten pregnant on their honeymoon, so we made sure we were EXTRA safe.  (tmi? )  but still, our sweet boy was just meant to be.  

The doctor, charged to find out why I was in some pain, came back into the room.  All my tests were negative, except one.  The one we hadn't thought of.  THAT one was positive.  I remember being so unaware of my stomach, but in one instant my hand found it's way to the flat surface.  (yes, my stomach USED to be flat.)  I remember being silent.  We were silent for a while.  I remember feeling absolutely thrilled and scared out of my mind.  I'm sure Jimmy felt the same.

We were moving across country, but we were pregnant.   We still did it.  I'm glad we did, even though we are now heading back again.  

Birthdays are such a sweet reminder of a dear gift.  My boys are such a gift to me, and I love celebrating them.  Elliot's third birthday was such a celebration.  It was full of "yays!" and hugs.  I could see his sweet face lit up with the joy that only comes from knowing you are loved.  It is my only wish.  <3

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