Saturday, May 17, 2014

// 20/52 //

My little model.  He wears this hat a lot lately, even though it's basically falling apart.  He doesn't seem to mind. <3
Asher glancing back during play.

same position. look as if they are the same size.  brothers.

Each day comes with certain busyness.  Soon, we will embark upon a two week road trip, where we will cross our country and head home.  Each day we must keep looking forward, and complete task after task.  It is our hope to be done with mostly everything before Jimmy's last day of work.  That way we can spend the last week and a half saying goodbye to people and places.  Although I've made so many friends here, I feel as if each spot we have wondered has been my most treasured friends.  I've had a lot of alone time, chosen and forced upon me.  It's been a sweet time, but a lonely one as well.  Our walks among beautiful places have been a constant solace and I'll be sad to say good bye.  I hold hope that we will be back to walk them again.  

I wonder how my boys will understand the move.  They will be surrounded by family, something that has always given them great joy.  I think they will be occupied with those joys and it may be easy to forget the others.  I hope that we don't let them forget and that each walk we go upon will only be an extension of the walks they have gone on before.  The beauty we find will remind them of another beauty they once found and will inspire them to keep finding beauty every where they go. 

These photos are absolutely real.  Our life is currently messy, as the windows tell you.  We move forward, messy windows or not, looking forward to all that will come.  

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  1. The beauty of the real is only enhanced by the messiness.



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