Saturday, April 5, 2014

// a d v e n t u r e //

Adventure is a word that has been so easily marred by the modern outlook on life.  We keep busy and have unrealistic expectations, which have turned our sense of adventure into an avoidance.  My husband has taught me that our life is only as rich as our sense of wonder.  I admit, I haven't always understood it.  Every drive we went on, since the moment we started dating, was filled with "Oh, look at that! 's"  Sometimes, sadly, I wasn't in the mood to be full of wonder, yet it's one of the things I admire most about him.  I hope our kids, if anything, understand the importance of adventure.  They understand that every moment you step outside is full of possibility.  I don't need to manufacture it for them- all I need to do is avoid killing it.  It's there, but more often than not, it's the parents who discourage it.  I want to learn from it and remember a time when it was fully free inside of me.  

Yesterday, the kids feel asleep in the car.  Jimmy looked at me and said "Do you want to go on a drive?"  This phrase is always met with excitement, from both us.  It's how we fell in love, going on long drives together.  (sometimes with a pack of cigarettes, but thank god those days are over.)  We'd drive and drive.  We discovered so many places, ones that held our hand as we fell in love.  We lived in New Jersey, a place most think is devoid of beauty but the truth is that's never the case.  All places have opportunities of awe.  

We stopped in the redwoods, after a long climb up a mountain.  We ended up in a town, an hour away from home.  We got out for a little and walked around.  Then, we just drove home.  That was our Friday night. <3

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  1. This sounds and looks like a perfect way to spend a Friday night.



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