Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Hold Them Close from James Aceino on Vimeo.

My husband just released this video.  He filmed it, edited it: it's his own work.  I still remember the day.  It was his day off and the weather made our day feel limitless.  We are suckers for a sunny day.  We feel as if we have all the time, money and opportunities in the world when the sun is shining.  We had just recently fallen in love with a sling company : Sakura Bloom and thought it would be fun to film our day at the beach, while we used the sling.  We wanted to capture our love of baby wearing and the closeness of a six month old, while our 20 month old ran wild on the sandy shores.  It was such a perfect representation of the gradual increase of independence, while our youngest clung to my chest.  The ocean's wind made Asher a little nervous, and you can tell he appreciated the comfort as I held him close.

Now, for the whole "this video took one year to film, edit and release."  We like to blame it on the "having two kids fifteen months apart."  And yeah, that's probably true.  Our kids needed us.  They still need us and they come before all our desired projects.  However,  I think there comes a point and every parent knows when that point is, but there's a moment where you realize that putting your projects aside not only hurts you, but in the long term it can hurt your children as well. Kids learn from their parents and if they see their parents frustrated creatively, then they may not value their own creativity.  Often, parents will tell their children that they gave up their creative venture (when I say creative, I really mean anything of personal value.  The thing that makes you feel alive) in order to provide.  They will tell their children they did it for them.  Yet, I believe that can communicate guilt upon the child or even that personal pursuits are not important.  I'm not saying that certain opportunities are always more important.  Sometimes, (okay, often) we give up personal opportunities because they aren't right for our family.  And that's okay.  But should we give them up all together?  I hope not.  I like to believe that we can pursue both, even if it may look different than we first imagined.

So, here we are.  Releasing a short, beginner video a year after it was filmed.  But, who freakin cares?  It took a year, but that's okay.  We learned a lot in a year and put our kids first.  Now, it's the time we have been wondering would ever happen.  It's time to look a head, and pursue more.  I'm proud of this video and my husband: for always putting his family first but for also valuing creative pursuits and personal achievement.  love you, babe.  <3


  1. Coming over from Documenting Delight, from one babywearing mama to another <3 the vid xxx



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