Monday, March 10, 2014

// S A N F R A N C I S C O //

I absolutely love meeting new friends, especially those who are so like-minded.  Britta and Matthew are originally from Australia, but have lived in London, New York and now San Francisco.  I still remember finding Britta's instagram, while they still lived in New York and seeing that they were visiting Big Sur.  I hadn't talked with her at all yet, but I still got excited that these amazingly cool family were currently so close to us!  When I found out they were moving her, we emailed and made plans to meet up.  I'm so happy they did, because they are seriously the most genuinely kind and fun family.  Peachy (Adelaide) is the sweetest little cutie and every time I'm around her my longing for a little girl is quadrupled! Anyways, here is  A LOT of photos, but they are full of baby wearing, good friends, amazing views and lots of laughs.  Thank you guys for showing us around San Francisco! <3 (by the way, this is only the second time we've hung out! You wouldn't know by the pure amount of fun we had! just like old friends.)

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