Thursday, March 27, 2014

// e n e r g y //

It was not until I found out that I was an introvert that life began to make sense.  I remember longing to alone after a party or a particular long and social school week.  I'd grab my journal or I'd just sit and read.  It wasn't that I hadn't had a great time, but instead, that fun time with friends took all my energy.  I gave out what I had stored up and now, I needed to recharge.  I didn't understand this about myself until I was in college.  I'm thankful that I understand now, because it looks like I have encountered another introvert.  My sweet Asher.  Or maybe he's not.  He's still young and has a lot of time to grow and change.  But, for now, he seems to need his alone time.  He connects better one on one.  Just like his mama.  I could not believe how happy he was when he had me to himself for a whole week.  Jimmy and Elliot went to New Jersey for a week and Asher had a whole week of alone time with his Mama.  He was so happy and calm.  We both were.  It's not that he didn't miss them.  I could tell he was excited to see them again.  But he needed that time with me.  And I was happy to give it.  A few days ago, Jimmy had Elliot and I was able to spend some time with Asher.  I snapped a few photos because he seemed so calm and content.  We have not been seeing these emotions in him lately, so I thought I'd document a little of it so I'd remember.  <3

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