Friday, February 21, 2014

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Faith emailed me a few weeks ago about a project her and her partner, Josh were about to begin.  She asked if we would be interested in being a part of it. (Did she really need to even ask?) They wanted to do a series of short films, one of which would focus on our family, where they would have us do the narrating.  I was so excited because it is a real dream of ours to use social media to connect with other people pursuing creative crafts and dreams, while fostering a family of their own.  For us, we have only been able to adventure to the west coast, moving our family because of a dream.  But there is so much more we want to do and so much fruit we have yet to see.  Jimmy and I have a lot of creative passions; Jimmy with his music, art, and photography, and me, with my blogging, poetry and photography. So when we were asked to be a part of something so near to our hearts, the answer was: Obviously.

I am so thankful to social media for introducing these lovely people to us!  We loved spending time with Faith, Josh and India this past weekend and are already missing their beautiful little family. Too soon?

These guys had been talking about a dream to connect with people and tell a meaningful and true-to-life story that inspires, and now, here they were doing it. It is sometimes as simply as just doing it. Needless to say we ourselves were inspired and immediately invested in their vision.  Especially after spending time with them. They are amazing.

Faith and Josh are so incredibly genuine.  Their daughter, India, is obviously raised with true substance, taught to understand the world through kindness and love.  We spent our first night together just chatting, while the kids leveled the house: a true sign of a good time.  <3

New Forage aims to connect the doers and the shakers: those who search for substance through the creative and through the human.   Their videos connect and inspire, bringing together those who may have felt alone in their pursuit of a free and creative life while battling the real needs of a real family. The simple point is that we should not have to feel alone and raise our children outside of connected community, because we aren't meant to.  So many beautiful souls will be brought together through this project and in that they find the support they need.

Faith, Josh and India truly have something special. They encouraged us this past weekend more than they know!  It's so easy to lose focus, but telling our stories and seeing our story through other's eyes renewed us. We love this family and really hope you follow along with their journey: New Forage .

Also, here is a link that describes the project with Faith's own words: vision

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