Tuesday, February 4, 2014

// M Y W E E K W I T H A S H E R //

Jimmy and Elliot arrive in San Francisco at 2:38 and let me tell you, my anticipation is equal to a kid's on Christmas eve.  I have butterflies and I keep glancing at the clock.  "damn, it's only four minutes later than the last time I checked."  But, luckily, having another toddler around to love on has made the time go much quicker.  

I have really enjoyed this time with Asher.  I think he needed it.  We've been dealing with some behavioral issues (nothing clinical, just working out the frustrations of growing up and finding his voice) and I really think he needed this alone time with his Mama.  With that being said, his vocabulary has exploded!  He is saying so much and literally went from baby to toddler overnight.  So, I've been enjoying praising him for that.  

He never really takes naps and sleeps terribly at night.  He seemed to have such a fear of sleep and that worried me.  He would cry and scream at even the mention of bedtime and if that door closed?  He sounded traumatized.  So, I've been working on his fear with him.  I'm happy to say that we have made tons of improvement!  He runs to the room at night when I mention bed and has actually been taking daily naps!  (would you believe he hardly ever napped?  he is always so tired and it made my heart so sad to see him like that.)  He is still having a difficult time at night, but we are making improvements and I want to celebrate that!  

These first two photos were taken a few moments after he woke up.  He's not sad, just coming out of dreamland.  
 We have been working on not needing to nurse every second of every day  We discovered something he likes just as much!-  His back being tickled.  If I stop, he will grab my hand and place it back on his back.  <3

 His belly button!  or baaa-beee as he calls it.  ;)

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  1. We have those firetruck jammies too...glad you have all your boys home now!



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