Thursday, February 27, 2014

// a d v e n t u r e s i n b r e a s t f e e d i n g - t i f f ' s s t o r y //

This week's story is from Tiff (namastetiff on instagram.  if you don't already follow her, then you should!) My story is similar to hers, and I'm happy she decided to share.  While it's so helpful to share the more difficult stories (we need to support each other and say "it's okay!") it's also good to hear the "easier" stories.  We hear these experiences and know that it's possible, and although sometimes there are no major obstacles, there are still smaller obstacles to overcome.  Read for your self, but I can DEFINITELY relate to the "twiddler" issue.  haha!  <3 love ya, Tiff!  Thanks for sharing. 

Breastfeeding never really crossed my mind until I was pregnant. And then suddenly I hoped for and dreamt about it for months. 
Luckily, It all came so naturally and fairly effortlessly for us.

Sometimes my story doesn't feel quite as powerful or profound as others because I haven't (yet) had any tremendous struggles or challenges to overcome. Sure I had the cracked, painful nipples in the beginning most moms get and a quick case of mastitis... but for the most part, breastfeeding has just become a regular aspect of my day-to-day life. But that doesn't necessarily make it less beautiful. The simple act itself is so unique and loving...

the closeness. the look in those little eyes. the perfect shape their mouth makes (or the way her tiny tongue sticks out above her bottom lip)

and wherever they might find their hands occupied. Nora is a twiddler, if you're not familiar with that term; it means she tends to grab/pinch/twist/grasp/pull/etc. the opposite nipple when she is nursing. At first I thought it was cute and funny (because it really is!) but when those nails aren't trimmed... OW!

Just imagine you're out in public, trying to be as discreet as possible (hard to do with a toddler as it is) and as if you weren't already exposed  enough, she reaches down your shirt to pull out the other entire boob/nipple just to use as a play toy! ... Awesome right?! 
Sounds pretty silly, but can seriously hurt! You mamas out there who have experienced this firsthand know what I'm talking about! I have the nursing necklaces and such which can be great and work for about a minute! It's just not the same to her though I guess!

The worst is in the middle of the night when I'm asleep and not really aware I get so frustrated and try to just hide the other boob, and she gets even more frustrated because for her it adds to the relaxation of nursing. Honestly the hardest part of it all is that it makes this wonderful, amazing thing turn into something irritating. And that just makes me sad and hurts my heart to feel that way. 

something so amazing should always be special and treated as the gift that it truly is. So the fact that the twiddling causes negative feelings to arise in me leaves me feeling slightly guilty. 

It seems a tad ridiculous; me complaining about this as my "issue" or "struggle" with breastfeeding, especially when there are mothers out there with legitimate problems that they have to overcome in order to be successful!  But this is just me being real. :)

I want to reiterate the fact that I absolutely love nursing and it's been the most incredible part of being a mother so far. All of these moments together that we have spent cuddling and the strong bond and connection it's created are irreplaceable. I am extremely proud to say that we have made it 17 months now and I don't see us weaning anytime soon! 

(Notice her hand reaching for my other nipple ^ :D) 
As I write this now, I am nursing in a park and I just can't even begin to express the amount of comfort and joy it brings me to be able to provide in so many ways for my baby.

Nursing in public is obviously something many mothers have trouble with. For me, the more I did it, the easier it got. I began to notice that if I just presented it as something "normal" and not weird or something that needs to be hidden, people usually seemed to follow suit. Although that isn't always the case. Sometimes there's those people who stop, stare, and say "Oh My Goodness!" aloud.

It doesn't matter how I do it though, just that I do. That's what's important to me. 
I believe that the most powerful thing a mother can do is trust. Trust our bodies and that they are capable of performing just as God created them to. And with that trust comes confidence, strength, and dedication. 

I also want to share my adventure in milk sharing!

Donating has been a huge blessing in my life. I have been lucky enough to provide a little extra and have been able to donate to mothers/babies in need about five different times! I am pretty sure it means more to me and affects me more than it does them! I encourage anyone else who has the opportunity to donate milk! (Try HUMAN MILK 4 HUMAN BABIES)
Such a special way to help and support other mamas! I hope to always be there in any way I can as breastfeeding support and encouragement to other mothers! 


  1. Such lovely photos, and a stylish mama too!

  2. I'm pretty sure the twiddling wasn't the only thing overcome here. There was obviously poor latch/attachment overcome early on, otherwise the cracks, pain, and early bout of mastitis wouldn't have happened. Common, yes, but that isn't exactly trouble free! Well done for sticking through those pains at the start to reach, not only a comfortable stage of nursing, but to continue on with your older baby! Not everyone sticks through cracked nipples or mastitis because they don't know how to fix those problems and become discouraged, so don't sell yourself short on overcoming a bumpy start! :)

  3. "I believe that the most powerful thing a mother can do is trust. Trust our bodies and that they are capable of performing just as God created them to. And with that trust comes confidence, strength, and dedication."

    Not everyone has the capabilities to breastfeed, have a natural unmedicated labor, or get pregnant. Confidence, strength and dedication as a mother and woman can come from other successes.

  4. Lovely post and what utterly gorgeous pictures! I was wondering if I could use the one of the three of you in bed to head or Facebook page for a couple of weeks?! (credited to you of course and sharing your blog!)



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