Thursday, January 30, 2014

// J U M P //

Things are looking a little different around here.  Jimmy left for NJ yesterday and he brought Elliot with him.  They are having a little father/son time and I get to have Asher all to myself.  I already see his behaviors improving, which makes my heart so happy.  He has been so testy lately and extremely frustrated.  I've chalked it up to his age (i heard 18 months is a huge developmental leap and he's coming up on that) but it still worries me. 

It rained last night.  (It hasn't in a long time!)  So, I decided to put on his rain boots and let him jump in puddles to his heart's content.  I loved his outfit today and since it got soaking wet in zero seconds, I now have a naked toddler running around my house.  (the clothes are drying and I hope to put them back on him!)  Speaking of clothes- these leggings are my favorite ever.  Mason and the Tambourine make some rad leggings.  <3  

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