Friday, January 3, 2014

// A D V E N T U R E S I N B R E A S T F E E D I N G - A M Y ' S S T O R Y //

Here is Amy's adventures in breastfeeding story!  I am excited to share her story and am sure it will connect with many of you Mamas out there.  I love her perspective as a labor and delivery nurse!  Thank you Amy for sharing.  You have been through some challenged, but your peace is inspiring!  <3

My adventure is one of love in many forms. My love has come from a King, a Prince, two beautiful babies, and hundreds of little souls whom I only knew their name. My name is Amy and my adventures in breastfeeding have truly changed my life and shaped me in more ways than one.

I must say that my adventure didn't start with the first suckle or nuzzle from my baby at my breast but, rather, with my Prince. My husband, David, made me want to have children and made me want to be a mother.  With each day that passed, I couldn't wait to be pregnant and have that joy. He taught me love. David taught me how to be selfless in a way I wasn't used to so that I could one day be selfless for others.

The next leg of my adventure started with the hundreds of little souls whom I only knew their name. See, I'm a Labor and Delivery nurse and I have had the privilege of meeting many souls; some small, some large, some alive, some struggling to live, and others who have already left this world. Each baby that I met molded me just a little more. Each baby showed me what is was to have that desire to mother, to nurse, and to be. I ached, I desired to have a soul of my own, a soul with my Prince.

Once I was pregnant I was joyful but also stressed! I knew too much. Then I had some complications, a bleed. I had placenta previa and I can remember weeping thinking I was going to lose my soul with all the blood. It was too much. This is where my King comes in. He was there, in everything. No matter what anyone said, only He was able to comfort me. The bleeding stopped, bedrest was good. Next there was diabetes, but with control it was also good. Then came delivery. It was scary, but, my King, He protected me.

I finally was able to go home with my sweet soul, my Ryleigh Grace, whom I loved more than myself. More challenges came; mastitis, bad latch, and postpartum depression. My depression was deep, deeper than my love for my Prince or my Ryleigh Grace. Thoughts of hurting my love or myself flooded my mind. I met with my OB, I breastfed, I got help. My King protected us all. He got us through it.

15 months passed and it was time again. I ached for another soul, and I became pregnant with my precious Reed James. No previa to worry about this time, but diabetes came again. My King and my Prince saw me through. I encapsulated my placenta, I breastfed, cloth diapered, and wore my little man...pure bliss. I had survived before, but now I was thriving!

Now I am at peace and I feel that joy I had wanted so long ago! However, my journey is not over because I am looking forward to number 3 sometime in my future if it is meant to be. A red headed 2 year old girl, a 5 month old brown headed Prince, my King; and still enjoying more little souls than I can count! I am truly bressed.

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wondefully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:13-14

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