Monday, January 6, 2014

// B R I N G S M E P E A C E - N A T U R E //

As you know, my 2014 resolution is peace.  Personal peace that connects with others in their own pursuit and hopefully will transform the world.  Who said your goals have to be small?  I'd say if they sound impossible, then they are probably the right ones to make.  Everything good and worthy of our attention can seem impossible, but that's why our connections with others is so incredibly important.  Thank you for all your words and thoughts.  I love all the connections I have made through blogging.

My first #bringsmepeace is nature.  specifically the redwoods.  We live incredibly close to many trails that lead directly through the heart of the majestic redwoods.  I am obsessed, especially because I grew up on the east coast and have never seen anything like these trees!  As a parent, Jimmy and I get to pass on our love of nature to our children, although I don't think we have to do much.  I think the love of nature is inherent in children.  It's the "growing up" that makes us forget.  I'd love to encourage my children to never "grow up" in that area.

photos by Jimmy Aceino and me <3
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  1. looks like such a perfect day :)

  2. Gorgeous photos as usual! And that banana slug!? Ahh I miss Santa Cruz



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