Sunday, January 26, 2014

// B A B Y W E A R I N G A T O D D L E R //

If there's one thing that parenting has taught me it's that "nothing lasts forever."  It may seem like forever, especially when your child has decided sleep is the enemy.  (I'm talking to you, Asher.)  But it won't last forever.  Things change- sometimes slowly.  So slowly that you hardly notice, until one day everything has changed.  But change is a good thing.  I've had to tell myself this a lot lately.

If you know me or follow my blog, then you are certain I love baby wearing.  I don't just love it, really.  I believe in it.  I believe it's more than just a trend or a fashion statement.  It's more than just a "hot topic."  It's important because it helps our babies.  It helps find them comfort when they enter this world.  It brings them back to the womb, the only thing they know and they are able to ease into the "real world."  

But I'm not in the newborn baby wearing stage anymore.  (remember, nothing lasts forever.)  And I've even passed the "baby" baby wearing stage.  Now, I have two toddlers.  I am baby wearing a toddler. And even though Asher has been a toddler for  while now, I think last night was a huge wake up call for me.  You see, we went on a walk.  Nothing out of the ordinary, of course.  However, as soon as we got near the ocean Asher started yelling "dow dow dow!"  (down, for those who do not speak "toddler)  I became a little flustered.  I wasn't thinking it, but I know I was acting out of this thought: "He has to be in the sling.  That's where he belongs.  He's a baby."

Maybe it's because he's my second and it's hard to think of him as anything other than a baby, but I forget that he's getting older.  If I can be completely honest, sometimes I get annoyed and want him to just want to be in the sling all the time.  And last night I realized how unhealthy that is.  Before you think I'm giving up on baby wearing, let me explain.  

He's supposed to want "down" and the only reason he does is because I wore him so often.  It's because I believed in baby wearing and threw him in the sling every chance I could get.  

I wrote this in one of my sling diary entries and apparently I need the reminder: As parents we must remember that our lives are full of the beautiful and the hidden, closeness and pulling away.  They are secure enough to run because they are held.  They are not fearful of falling because they were nourished near at the breast. 

In the most recent Sling Diaries, Everything Shines, they are currently writing on confidence.  That's what baby wearing does for our children.  It gives them confidence.  It makes them "secure enough to run."  You can put them down because they were held.  I don't need to worry that Asher wants out of the sling as fast as you can say "sakura bloom" because you know what?  He knows it's always there. He knows my arms are always open and my sling is always ready.  My toddler can run, run, run and when he's tired?  Here I am.  I'm right here and so proud of my confident, wild and free toddlers.  

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  1. I love this! My boys are a bit older than yours and this is the truth for us. They are incredibly confident guys, even though their personalities are different (they are brave, shy and reserved in varied ways). I believe that the babywearing is one of the ways we build their little souls up for adventure. {and currently building up our baby girl hopefully in the same way} Hoping over from following your family.



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