Sunday, December 8, 2013

//Where We Wander//

We took the most magnificent walk today.  Elliot and Asher were thrilled to be outside, even though it was absolutely freezing  (Well, freezing for Santa Cruz standards!) It was one of the first times that I truly saw them interacting as brothers, or really, as friends.  Elliot would run and then look to see if Asher was still close behind.  Asher would run, fall, and giggle in his attempts at keeping up with his older (if but slightly) sibling.  They are the sweetest things with the most unique and charming personalities.  It fills my heart with gratitude and joy to be their mother.  
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  1. Very nice clicks. I like all pictures. Kids are so sweet!!!

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  2. Beautiful! Did Elliot climb onto that rock by himself?! What a big guy :) Love the pics. Can't wait to walk with my own baby boy.

  3. that tree in the 3rd picture is INSANE!



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