Saturday, December 28, 2013

//A N A C E I N O C H R I S T M A S//

Christmas was lovely this year.  Last year we spent Christmas with a not so-good friend: the stomach bug.  So, this year's Christmas was seriously lovely.  ;)  The boys were so spoiled this year and not by us!  Family and friends gave our boys lots of wonderful gifts and honestly, I just love seeing their joyful faces!  It's not just about getting gifts, but about seeing them enjoy gifts from people who love them.  Especially family and friends who are so far away.  I really missed them all this year!  

Also, it was so warm this year!  We went to the beach- just the four of us.  I wore my Christmas outfit and let me tell you- I was sweating! ha!  I should have dressed in shorts and a tank top.  But I was in layers and boots.  yikes!  christ

Now for some iPhone photos:


  1. looks like we spent last Christmas the same way, the stomach bug! this year was wonderful compared to last year's mess. glad you enjoyed your xmas. lovely photos ;)

  2. beautiful. magical. happy new year, my {new} friend! xo



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