Monday, November 4, 2013

//Where We Wander//

Jimmy had a day off!  Yes!  I said it:  HE HAD A DAY OFF.   We had a bunch of grand ideas, but wound up meandering around San Francisco for a little.  Our first stop was a coffee shop (no surprise there)  and I highly recommend it!  The coffee was delicious and they even made our kids a "baby chino"  If you are in San Francisco, then definitely check out Saint Frank Coffee.

It was a quick trip to the city, but worth it.  Jimmy and I have always been obsessed of "getting out" of where we live as frequently as possible.  Not because we don't love our home, I mean obviously we do, but because it helps to clear our heads and experience all this area has to offer.  We used to take mini road trips all the time when we were dating and I know there are times we wished we still could.  But these occasionally ones are pretty sweet too and we get to pass on our love of adventure!

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