Friday, November 8, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

I'm so excited to post another //What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//  I absolutely love all the suggestions.  Reading in so incredibly important and I love knowing so many mamas who truly get that.  Kate is this beautiful mama that I met through instagram and seriously, does Eden not take after her? absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you so much for guest posting, lady! Her blog is Nesting Elm and her ig is @k8schwartz. <3

Hey! I'm Kate. We live in Pittsburgh, PA with a little girl Eden, who just turned TWO, and a baby boy on the way, expected in January. I am so honored to be a part of this series! I "met" Danielle through The Sling Diaries on Instagram. Her beautiful family and blog made me fall in love with her even more! You are such a ray of light girl!

I have always loved reading, 
my husband... not so much. 
I shared with Ryan the importance reading had for me, 
growing up and now. the escape, the adventure that it brings. 
how my "favorite days" were and are...
cold, dreary and rainy with a book and a blanket.
maybe some hot chocolate... definitely hot chocolate!

so when we found out that we were expecting...
we prayed for our littles have a passion for reading.
to be able to get lost in the story. to laugh. cry. imagine.

I also told him how baby can hear his voice...
so reading was obviously a great way for him to bond with our unborn littles!
he started reading to Eden when i was just 15 weeks pregnant.

DUCK AND GOOSE by Tad Hills was his choice to read to her. 
once Eden was born, she KNEW her daddy's voice. 
it was amazing. 
he could start reading the book and she would stop. be completely still.
in complete awe and wonder.

so now, with another little on the way, we decided we needed a little more routine.
enter in... books before bed
oh my heart just bursts with joy. 

we continued along with the Duck and Goose books... Eden loves them!

for counting... ten little ladybugs is ADORABLE!
body parts... all of baby, nose to toes
and all time favorites... ANY karen katz book. the flaps are fun for "hide and seek"

now for this mama... when do i have time to read?!
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth is a must! especially in preparation for this upcoming home-birth. 
other than that... i mostly read blogs! 
i have a need to have a book in my hands... the smell, the feel...
so, i can justify "reading" on my phone if its a blog... right?!

Thank you again for having me!! XOXO!

baby reads::

mama reads::
and of course...

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