Saturday, November 16, 2013

//An Update: Elliot's Speech//

“For last year's words belong to last year's language 
And next year's words await another voice.” 
― T.S. EliotFour Quartets

Elliot has been in speech therapy for almost five months now.  At the end of every session his therapist tells me “he’s a rock star!”  How true!  Elliot rocks life’s socks off.  He is my brave little love and not only does he make me proud, but I respect him and his ability to bring the joy.  He runs at everything and everyone without holding back and flashes contagious smiles at strangers.  I am in complete awe at how he can command the attention of a room, yet he uses it to freely give affection and happiness.

With all that said, his speech is progressing slowly.  very slowly.  I find myself dreaming of his little voice- hoping that one day I will hear more than just “close” words and instead, hear his thoughts loud and clear.  I want to ease his frustration and it’s so difficult to not speak his words for him.  I can assume every parent of a kid with speech delay feels the same.  (I have not talked to any other mom, so I do not know.)  But their frustration escalates frequently and quickly, as they attempt to convey their thoughts and emotions.  Elliot feels every emotion fiercely, so he tends to feel frustration from the start.  I try to stand firm, and give him the chance to speak the word he is thinking, but I hate to see his frustration.  I desperately want to take his frustration away.  I want to ease all his pain, but the best 

I don’t mean to harp on the difficulty, but sometimes the truthfulness lightens the load.  Sometimes when we read the truthfulness of others, it does the opposite of what we think it would.  Instead of keeping the sorrow present, it shows us that others have felt and same and through that sharing of emotions and experiences our sorrow lifts.  It helps to know we are not alone.  

So, if anyone is reading this and feeling alone or unsure about your ability to deal with or thrive in a difficult time, I’d love to do for you what I have not had.  Please, email me. I feel as if my only goal in life is to join with others to build positivity and light, in whatever way I can.  Sometimes our “village” is hundreds of miles away, so even though social media is harped on so often, I say it is good for those of us without close friends or family around.  Or just those who understand.  (that’s a whole other post, but I think we should talk about how things can be used positively, instead of constantly discussing the dangers.  There is always a positive outlook)  

But back to my sweet Elliot’s progress:  He just starting saying off!  The “f” sound has always been difficult for him, so I am very proud of my dear little guy.  He points at lights and says “off” or tells me he wants his shirt “off.”  He scrunches up his face when he says it and I always burst out in giggles.  He is such a character!  He says “on” but it comes out more like “ahhh”  He will get it though, I believe in him with my whole heart.  

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