Friday, October 11, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

I am so excited to post another What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads.  I absolutely love this resource, especially because I love hearing recommendations from other moms.  I could research and browse, but honestly who has time for that with kids? These easy lists with personal reviews are just perfect.  This weeks picks come from Drea, a beautiful mama or two very handsome little boys.  (yay, for boys!  Are yours as crazy as mine?  They have energy for days! haha)  Her blog, Besos Drea is full of beautiful images and inspiring words- you should follow along!  Her ig is @besosdrea.  Lovely lady, for sure. <3

Hello! I’m Drea and I live in NYC with my loving husband and our two beautiful boys. I 
am so honored to have the opportunity to give you a glimpse of what we read, here on 
Danielle’s blog.

Since before we were expecting, we knew we wanted our children’s memories to 
include having mami or daddy read to them on a daily basis. Admittedly, my husband 
does read to them more often than I do, he just loves being the one putting them to bed 
with a bedtime story. But I never deny my boys a request for a story...or three.

It is very important to us that we gift our boys with the ability to speak in Spanish, and 
one way we keep it alive is through their literature. I always seek to find a beloved 
American story in bilingual form. By far, the boys’ favorite book is Are You My Mother? 
by P.D. Eastman, but the Spanish version: Eres Tu Mi Mama? They also love the 
“Llama Llama” books and “The Octonauts” series, which we read to them in English.

The last book I read for myself, was about a year ago when I found The Women of 
Brewster Place. I remembered loving it in high school and it did not disappoint. Other 
than that, I really only read children’s books, so I often try to get the boys to let me pick 
my favorites. Forever Young, a book form of Bob Dylan’s classic song set to Paul 
Rogers’ illustrations is my absolute favorite. We also love Disney in this home and read 
them all the Disney stories as well as the Three Little Pigs and You Are My I Love You in 
both English and Spanish.

I already see how important it is for my boys to have us read to them and truly hope that 
love for books stays in them, till they’re reading bedtime stories to their children.

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