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//What Mama Read, What Baby Reads//

Eileen of Breast Milk on the Rocks is sharing her reads on the blog today!  It's been a while since I've posted a //What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads// and I'm so excited to be back with this wonderful post.  Check out her picks and then head on over to her blog- she shares some great stuff on breastfeeding, cosleeping, cloth diapering and babywearing!  You know, all the good stuff. ;)  But seriously, she is a beautiful mama and I'm so happy to have her! <3

I am delighted to be guest blogging on Miss Verse’s wonderful blog, especially on the topic of one my my absolute favorite things: Books!

Reading is tremendously important in our home. My husband and I make sure to read to our, soon to be 1 year old, daughter everyday. We started when she was in the womb and her collection of books has grown since to over 70. We want her to grow up with a love for books and reading. We don’t want it to be something that she feels forced to do when she gets older, as many children do in school.

As she’s become more active, and is now mastering her walking skills, it is a little harder to get her to sit still while we read. Because of this, we try to pick out books that we know she’ll enjoy - interactive stories with songs and clapping and books that encourage her to touch different textures. When we’re not reading she can usually be found over at her bookshelf pulling down book after book and looking through the pages.

One of her personal favorites is Baby Touch and Feel Meow! Meow! It has her favorite things all in one: Cats, fur, and a variety of other textures. She loves to help turn the pages and kiss the cats on every page.

For interactive fun, singing and clapping, we read the Skippyjon Jones series. The poorly done mexican accent I put on keeps her attention and she loves to clap along when we get to the singing part every story includes. “My name is Skippito Friskito. (clap-clap). I fear not a single bandito. (clap-clap) My manners are mellow, I'm sweet like the Jell-o, I get the job done, yes indeed-o. (clap-clap)”
The Spider and the Fly - This isn’t your standard children’s book, especially not for a 1 year old, but I LOVE it! And she is attracted to the beautiful illustrations. It reminds me of stories my dad would tell me as a child. "'Will you walk into my parlor,' said the Spider to the Fly..." Dark and witty. I can’t wait until she grows older and can appreciate this story much more. It’s fun, even though the poor fly does fall for the spiders tricks.

The story I read to her while she was growing inside of me was You Are My I Love You. I don’t read this to her as often now as I wish, but when I do it brings back memories of her kicking and rolling around in my belly. The words are incredibly sweet and I think it will bring a tear to any parents eye.

A few others we love are:
Humprhey’s Bedtime (and Playtime) - the pages are very thick so she cannot rip them and the illustrations and witing give the feel of a child playing with crayons.
There are many more and I can go on forever, I really could, but I won’t.

It’s become quite hard now finding the time to read myself. When she was much younger I would read my books aloud to her while I nursed her and it was happy medium. Now if I dare read while nursing her she tries to take the book away. So, I read when she sleeps in on the weekends or at night if I can keep my own eyes open.

One Day by David Nicholls - I finished this over the weekend (finally) and it left me in tears, literally. I am not one to cry, although after having a child it is a bit easier for me. The ending was incredibly sad but equally beautiful. I rooted for them the entire time and as sappy and cliche as this sound, I grew to love them almost immediately.

Dex and Em. Em and Dex.

The story takes place over a period of 20 years. It reflects on ONE date each year, July 15th. The day the two characters met. Through 20 years you see them through different relationships, locations, career paths… but the one thing that remains constant for both characters is their feelings for one another. No matter how far apart or how long it had been since they last spoke.

There are times that I couldn't help but laugh out loud, but there were times I just wanted to give up. Not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because of my wanting them to end up together. It seemed as though it was never going to happen. They were destined to be friends and only friends. But then, it happened…. the stars aligned and they devoted themselves to one another. But even when they took the plunge to be together life ended up tearing them away from each other in a single tragic moment.

The author did an incredible job making you fall for them. He ended it perfectly as well, bringing the story full circle. You couldn’t help but love Dexter from the beginning and fall for his charm. Emma was you; she had your insecurities, your wit, your inner passion to do something with your life.

I may end up reading this book again. No. I will read this again. For now, I am starting on another story - The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler. The title and cover caught my eye. I do hope it doesn’t disappoint. It’s about a Bristish woman who travels to NYC to complete her studies in Art and falls pregnant and works in a used bookstore. It goes through her struggles as a first time, single mom and her life at The Owl.

I would like to express my thanks for being allowed to guest post and share some of our favorite books. As I stated before, reading is important in our home and I do feel that it is partially due to the fact that as a child I had difficulty reading. In short, I took special classes and Hooked on Phonics was used to help me. I was 6/7 years old and from then on I was a reading machine and you couldn’t stop me. I would actually get in trouble for reading in class rather than doing my math work. I do hope to pass this love for books on to our daughter. It’ll take her to wonderful places without having to leave her seat and the greatest stories will stay with her forever. 

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