Saturday, October 5, 2013

//One Exciting Announcement and Some Other Thoughts//

I have an exciting announcement, but before I reveal it, I want to say RIP to one of my favorite blogs Goodnight Mush.  Jill, a fellow sling diarist and new friend, is retiring her blog.  So, I guess RIP is a little morbid and I should say "congratulations on all the hard work and on your much deserved retirement!"  haha.  Seriously, though- I will miss all her thoughts but I'm thankful that she will still be instagraming her beautiful life after her brief hiatus.  Her words always make me smile and her honesty is always refreshing.  She is a beautiful person and I only hope to meet her in person some day!  (Sling diary meet up please!!)

If you already follow along with her, then you know about her series "Adventures in Breastfeeding."  Since she is retiring, she has asked me to take over and I could not be more excited!  These stories always mean a lot to me and I think it goes great with one of my biggest passions:  Women supporting one another!  We all have different stories.  We have different experiences and by telling our stories we bridge the gap and end the distance between us.  We see that there was really no distance in the beginning- we are all women and in this case, mothers.  We are fierce and strong; filled with more wisdom than we realize and our motherly instincts will always bring us farther than we could ever imagine.  Even with different opinions or experiences, we can still stand together and say "I support you."
Here is a link to the previous posts on Jill's blog: Adventures in Breastfeeding

So, that was my exciting announcement.  I hope you follow along and if anyone else wants to participate there may be some open spots and if not, I will probably start it up again after this one finishes.  (


With that being said, I'd love to leave you with a little weekend reading.  I was never interested in women's rights until recently and honestly, how stupid is that?  I am a woman.  It's part of me.  But, since becoming a mother, my world and how I view it has dramatically expanded.  My concerns are broader and my love has expanded.  More than ever, I feel joined together with the women and mothers of the world.  That being said, jezebel has become a pretty consistent read for me.  Also, a  facebook group titled Women Hold Up Half the Sky.  Every weekend I will be posting some articles that I'e found interesting and would love to hear your thoughts on the subjects.  <3

This article titles "The Problem With All These Half-Naked Pop Stars" was so well worded.  I whole heartedly agree.

And then there is this .  I mean, seriously?  Alyson Hannigan stretches and then she is labeled as an anorexic?  This is the type of article that perpetuates the body-shaming and body image issues that are everywhere.

Green Child Magazine is a great publication.  I love their articles and their team is incredibly kind.  They released their fall issue recently and you can read it on their website.

A fellow babywearing mom's blog - The Rain and I that I found through instagram.  Give it a read. :)

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