Saturday, September 7, 2013

//Where We Wander//

We may live in the second worst place to raise kids (seriously, santa cruz is #2 on the list) but it's definitely one of the prettiest as well.  We have only lived here for nearly three years and have so many things we have yet to do.  Jimmy has been begging to take us on this walk that he had seen on a video shoot.  It starts right off route 1 and does this huge loop up along a ridge and back again through the valley.  He has been telling me that apart of the trail reminded him of Narnia and since we are both huge fans of Narnia, it was pretty much the selling point for me.

I cannot believe how beautiful of a walk it was and that the kids were extremely happy the whole time. Actually, it does make sense because Elliot can be in the worst mood and a walk brings him to his happy place.  It was just perfect.  If you've ever been in the redwoods then you know that the air is crisp and full- it changes the second you walk into it's arms.  It's exhilarating, especially for us city kids. So, I think this walk was exactly what we needed.  I mean, we really needed it.  Nature, for Jimmy and me, is our chance to reconnect.  We have always been that way and it seems our kids are the same.



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