Thursday, September 26, 2013

//Vintage Is Always Better, Right?//

Okay, get ready for this, because it's slightly confusing.  If Elliot is eating in his high chair, which is ground level, Asher will relentlessly grab at his food.  Relentlessly.  He becomes this desperately starving human being, who two seconds before was rejecting his own food.  But Elliot's food?  Always welcomed.  So, we have been letting Asher have the high chair at meal times and Elliot sits at our small coffee table.  (Remember, we basically only have one room in our house.)  But Elliot is physically unable to stand or sit still if he is not being restrained, haha, and therefore, food is scattered all over our floors and I can't step on a blueberry one more time.  Our friends, who have five grown children, said that we were more than welcome to use their high chair.  The same one that their children used all those years ago.  When I say all those years ago, I mean that the oldest child is younger than me.  By a few years, I believe, but still.  I look at this chair and think "vintage" yet, I guess that makes me "vintage" too huh?  So, I will say that it is almost vintage.  Nearly vintage, but still has a lot of life left in it. ;)

This morning was incredibly chilly, so Asher ate his "nummies" as we call them, bundled up.  I snapped a few photos of this "nearly" vintage high chair.  Honestly, I love it.  I feel like designs are too "foofy" lately.  Just give me clean, straight lines and no designs and I'm happy.  


  1. loveeee that high chair. but more than that, i love that little boy! my nephews are THE CUTEST...hands down. :)

  2. My parents still have my old high chair (I'm 33) and have used it with all the grand kids!



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