Saturday, September 28, 2013

//The Sling Diaries: A Personal Wrap-Up//

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"Whether we spend our time by the ocean or under the trees, it's not only the intensity of the beauty swallowing us that inspires me.  But my son's extraordinary ability to find beauty in anything and everyone.  It's how content they are to simply spend their time outdoors.  It's how satisfied they are to just be held.  They are full of life, and it is so often that through them the world is opened to me."

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"As parents we must remember that our lives are full of the beautiful and the hidden, closeness and pulling away.  They are secure enough to run because they are held.  They are not fearful of falling because they were nourished near at the breast.  I am so thankful that our memories will be full.  Full of a thousand images and infinite love."

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" It seems that the great circle of life is remembering; remembering what we once were and how we saw the world.  It was with simple joy. The simple joy that's easy to find, even after losing it.  I've noticed that even after the moments where I've been stressed and annoyed, my children still have joy for me.  Their faces still scrunch up into tiny, wrinkly smiles.  Their eyes, sparkly and full, brim over with happy tears and in these moments I realize: Their joy is my joy.  And mine, theirs.  We are unending and one because true joy is shared."

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"In one of the images above you can see Asher nursing in the sling while Elliot calls out to the ocean.  The soft babbles and giggles of a baby at the breast, while hearing his older brother's voice sailing out to the sea are what makes my life so beautiful; so rich.  It's full of these beautiful notes, so different, yet they resound together to make the most magnificent music I've ever heard.  I can rest easy because it matters very little the manner in which their song may be composed; their voice is heard.  The sea hears it.  I hear it.  And in turn, i can only hope that the world will hear it.  "

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"I hope that they count Peter Pan as their brother and Queen Lucy as their sister.  I wish, as they grow older, that they see look to Neruda as a dear old Grandpa, and that they will see his love poems as a compass.  And if they decide to go to college and major in literature, I will encourage them.  I will tell them, "read, read to your heart's content.  it's in your blood. "  

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"I think that wisdom is a perfect ending for this project of mothers.  If I look back at all the different themes: inspiration, memory, joy, voice, and kinship.  When these are all practiced in their totally unique and personal ways, is that not wisdom?  To be inspired daily by our circumstances whether they are difficult or not, moved by the memories we are making, taken by joy through it all, using our voices to make our presence known, and comforted and loved by our kin. Life is a perpetual whirlwind of change, yet it's wisdom that says it's better to let go and be taken away, then glued to the ground.  Ill end with another one of my favorite Andy Zipf quotes, "I'm tired of crossin' this bridge built out of caution." 

I wanted to post a summary of my Sling Diary experience.  There is so much to say, but one thing seriously stuck out.  I am not trying to suck up, so I did think it was best to write this after the contest was over.  I am completely floored by the generosity of this company. Let's be honest, these contests help their company, as well (which is NOT a bad thing) but I have never had experience with such a genuinely giving, caring and loving business.  They truly embody what it means to make a product with love.  Their slings are made with care- it is a wonderful product.  I could not recommend it more and I would regardless, but the generosity and commitment they show makes it that much easier.  Because of my experiences with Leigh and Lynne, I can say I believe in this company.  It is worth the investment and if you can't afford one?  Enter one of the many giveaways they host.  Yes, they do them all the time.  I think that says a lot because they want people to use their product not only because they want to sell, but because they believe in the value of babywearing.  <3   

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