Wednesday, September 11, 2013

//The Sling Diaries Love + Adventure, Vol. III: Wisdom//

"Maybe I will have nothin' more to teach them than the story we are livin', passin' up through us from echoes in the earth" (Andy Zipf)

At any given moment, I do not always feel very wise.  Actually, I often question my choices.  Especially as a mother.  I wonder if my own weaknesses have affected my children, if they will struggle with the struggles of their mother.  But, when I look back at my time since my first child was born- when I see it as a whole, I am comforted by the wisdom that has followed me.  I am comforted by the innate strength that is found in all mothers, whether they see it or not.  The way we feel totally weak at times, but in fact, our exhaustion is just proof of our strength.  It says we pushed ourselves.  We went above and beyond for our children.  Maybe that's why wisdom is so often personified as a woman.  Maybe that's why this earth is thought of as maternal, with her infinite landscapes and wild oceans, wrapping her strong and nourishing arms around all life, as a tender-hearted mother.  Wisdom in the perfectly orchestrated nature of beauty and design.

With the help of this project, I can honestly see that my wisdom is fueled by my womanhood. I could not always say that.  I have not always honored my strength.  I have not always had a voice.  I have been so timid, afraid of my nature, unsure of my substance.  People probably wonder why I post all these breastfeeding pictures.  If you had told the pre-baby Danielle that I would be taking and posting breastfeeding photos for all to see I would not have believed you!  Honestly, I probably would have made the dreaded "modesty" argument.  But actually having a baby has changed me.  I post these images for many reasons, but one of them is simply this:  It reminds me of my sacred role of nourisher.  It makes me feel proud.  It reminds me of how far I've come.  I'm crying as I write this, because my family has opened the earth to me.  It has erased boundaries and untangled the fear from my heart.  I have so many "off" days, but my life is more than that.    I am not without doubts, but I only hope my boys will go farther than me.  They will honor their strength and they will be wise because their hearts were open to all possibilities.  

I think that wisdom is a perfect ending for this project of mothers.  If I look back at all the different themes: inspiration, memory, joy, voice, and kinship.  When these are all practiced in their totally unique and personal ways, is that not wisdom?  To be inspired daily by our circumstances whether they are difficult or not, moved by the memories we are making, taken by joy through it all, using our voices to make our presence known, and comforted and loved by our kin. Life is a perpetual whirlwind of change, yet it's wisdom that says it's better to let go and be taken away, then glued to the ground.  Ill end with another one of my favorite Andy Zipf quotes, "I'm tired of crossin' this bridge built out of caution." 

With that said, thank you Sakura Bloom for asking me to be apart of this beautiful project.  I feel different than when I began.  Thank you to all the beautiful mothers involved. You've been an inspiration! 

I am wearing a custom made luxe sling in charcoal. All photos were taken by Amy Billings of Aim and Arrow Photographers.  You have to check their photography out- it's incredible!  They are a sister (twins, in fact!) team and they are based in santa cruz for another month and then will be heading out to Bend, Oregon. <3

You can find the rest of my Sling Diary entries here.  


  1. I love everything about this. Great post Danielle. These photos are so beautiful - I hope you print and frame some to remember these days. <3



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