Friday, September 13, 2013


I absolutely love the "daddy and sons" images from these week.  Jimmy works a lot and he cherishes the time he gets with Elliot and Ash.  There are so many special things they do with just daddy and I can see how good it is for them.  Elliot is in the "da-da!!" and run to him phase.  Every time we see him.  So, if we visit daddy at work?  Yup, he runs up to the counter screaming "da-da!!" haha, let's just say every customer think it's the cutest thing ever.  Which is good, because my son has no sound limit. <3


  1. Great photos! Baby bums are the best! I'm glad I got to get to your blog on the big screen vs. my little iphone via instagram. Love your photos!

    1. Thank you for checking my blog out! I'm about to go check out yours as well. :) <3 <3



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