Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Here are a few moments from today.  I asked Elliot if he wanted to read to Asher and he said "ya!" and climbed up on the couch next to his brother.  It was the sweetest thing, as he used his "pretend" reading voice and Asher pointed at what he saw.  It was a wonderful moment that I will remember.  

Then, we drove downtown and went to the farmer's market.  I could not get over how beautiful the flowers were and apparently neither could Asher: he grabbed at them! He is a true toddler and has to touch everything! Then, we ran into our friend, Ashlyn and our boys couldn't be happier.  She has watched them before and they love her!  It has been a beautiful today and I am grateful.

1 comment:

  1. they are so beautiful and so are you. im totally dying over the one of them reading together <3 <3



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