Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ever since I was little and my best friend stopped talking to me because another girl told her I picked my nose or something, I've come face to face with the competition between women.  The jealousy between women frightens me, to be honest.  It's one of the issues I feel most strongly about, because I've had to deal with it a lot.  I never understood putting other women down- haven't women experienced enough in the course of history and haven't we come far enough that we would desire to support one another rather than put down?  Support is huge, especially between mothers.  It can make or break the whole motherhood experience.  For my first few months of first-time motherhood I received a lot of negative comments and comparison that made me worry or feel ashamed of how "different" Elliot was than you know, all the other kids.  (which wasn't true- it was only a few other kids and it wasn't a bad difference- just different.)  It affected me greatly and made me worry and I'm so sad about that.  I can't take it back, only realize the truth for now.

But, this competition between women needs to stop.  I support breastfeeding wholeheartedly and I truly believe in normalizing it through pictures and breastfeeding in public.  I want other mothers to feel encouraged and understand the normalcy of feeding your own child with your own body.  When I talk breastfeeding and formula statistics it's not because I don't support women who feed their babies formula.  It's because I truly believe women are not being fully empowered by their doctors or other people around them.  But I want to make it clear- I do not judge any mother.  I can't.  My life has been way too crazy for me to judge anyone.  I will help inform, but never judge.  I want every women around me, whether friend or stranger to feel supported by our interaction.

Women, let's stop with the jealousy and judgement.  Two j-words I've come to hate.  Let's support and value each others thoughts- giving purpose to our time together, whether it be short or long.  Let our blogs be uplifting to other mothers and seriously, let's be honest.  Our lives are not perfect.  I gave up breastfeeding Elliot at 9 months because I was living with other people and I was so embarrassed to feed him in front of people.  Also, I was pregnant and exhausted- so both played a part.  I do not judge, I understand.  

here is an awesome article about other bloggers coming together to show their support of all mothers, no matter what their choice is to feed their child.  I was so inspired by it! <3

Also, happy world breastfeeding week! Just a time to celebrate and encourage all those mamas who are breastfeeding.  Awareness and support for those who breastfeed and every mother out there.


  1. Love this! I had a really hard time the first four months of Willows life with constant digs from other mums because Willow didn't sleep through the night. Still at ten months she doesn't and the comparison is still there, but my daughter is bright and confident and always stands out from the crowd. I am still bf'ing and a lot of the comments come from Mumma's who formula feed so their babies sleep better. I don't judge them because parenting is about so much more. But I would say to any woman, it's worth the lack of sleep!
    Your breastfeeding pictures inspire me because I have never fed in public and also because Willow is wanting to feed less and less it makes me push to carry on when it would be easier to give up!
    Thank you, Kaya & Willow xo

    1. I completely understand! It's so hard to get the comments out of your head because it's all so new and you are so sensitive to every little thing. plus the sleep deprivation! thank you for sharing that and I'm glad you were able to see the brighter picture! that's so great! <3

  2. You're so right! Thanks for writing this post! <3



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