Saturday, August 17, 2013

//Support II //

I think everybody should be nice to everybody
                                                              — Andy Warhol 

It's funny to write about this.  It's funny because it's super personal and I'm putting it out there for a whole bunch of people I've never met.  Yet, I've never really kept this private.  I don't want to keep it private because I won't help a single woman if I keep it private.  It will become lost in my memory- useless to anyone but me.

(But, first, let me say that I am writing this because I have been totally inspired by 4th trimester bodies.  It's being done by a fellow sling diarist, Ashlee Jackson.  You should check it out.)

I am fully recovered from a ridiculous eating disorder that kept me in the hospital for most of high school and some of college.  I remember constantly complaining that I "felt fat."  Yet, come on-fat is not a feeling! The real problem for anyone "feeling fat" is feeling, in general.  It's the problem of feeling too much and not knowing how to deal with it.  So, that's where society steps in and it tells you that the problem isn't what you are feeling, but instead how you look.  And since we cannot control the people around us, but we can, thank god, control our bodies food becomes the enemy.  Soon, we become the enemy.  I know this is so intense, but I have to!  I have to hope that I can help others, even if it's just to encourage others to say "f-you" to society's standards.  

And it's even more important that we remind mothers of this.  Because, let's face it, even if we get back down to our pre-pregnancy weight our bodies will never be the same.  You probably read that sentence with dread, but what happens if we read it with celebration.  Like, "yay!  our bodies will never be the same!"  (okay, you think I'm crazy) Bringing forth life is something to be celebrated and no matter what happened, our bodies can be like trophies. We may not totally believe it, but if women encourage other women to be proud then maybe, just maybe, there would be less disorders.  Less ridiculous standards.  More celebration of motherhood.  

I've truly come a long way.

From this: 

to this:

(Happy, so happy. ) 


  1. Danielle, you are the most stunning mother. Your beauty is overwhelming! I am so glad to have met you through the Sling Diaries. Thank you for sharing this bit of your heart, you are a strong woman and I can see that through your entries.

    1. Michelle, those words mean so much! I am so thankful to have met you, as well. You are an inspiring woman! xoxo

  2. It's like you knew I needed to read these words today!



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