Friday, August 9, 2013


Elliot has been incredibly sick with a very high fever.  Yesterday evening he began to emerge from his funk and since we had been holed up in the house we decided to take a walk downtown.  It's our go-to when we don't have the energy for the beach.  It's a quick drive from the house, we always get a spot in the free parking lot and there's a Verve Coffee Roasters.  perfection.  It was good for us and as usual, we brought our camera with us.  I love capturing all these little moments because, quite honestly, I have a terrible memory.  Or maybe I'm just nervous about forgetting too much. I'm a writer, so I sometimes stress about how much I remember because, maybe, just maybe- I'll want to write an autobiography someday!  Or I could just relax and realize most are probably 99% fabricated anyways.

Okay, let me get back on track.  Here are the images.  As I sit here and look at the images I am reminded of the intense beauty of my son's eyes.  Elliot's eyes are crystal and clear.  See-through and icy.  But not in the icy-personality way but cold like a beautiful Christmas morning.  Asher's are always sparkling and the best way I can explain it is to say that they are full of water.  They are of the sea.  They hold waves and the morning fog.  They reflect and refresh.  They are deep, as I am learning he is as well.

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